How Tech-Innovations for Clean Water can Promote Socio-Economic Change

An innovative technology could reduce drinking water scarcity in rural Uganda

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Kosovo and Northern Macedonia: Market, Economy, Potentials

Sustainable textile production in developing countries

Health Innovation Africa: Closing at the German African Business Summit

Sustainable supply chains: both development motor and competitive advantage

Why commitment to sustainable supply chains pays off and how companies can get started.

Growth market Uganda

Digital technologies as a catalyst

Health Innovation Africa Pitch Event

Green Tech : The bright star of sustainability

GreenTech markets and exciting business opportunities

Win-Win: sustainability in business

Corporate sustainability pays off

Support for Ukrainian companies

Find opportunities in developing countries | EN

Innovation Calls in Development Cooperation

Discover how you can participate

International Matchmaking for Workers’ Rights

Interview with Georg Weininger, Business Scout for Development at DGB

At a glance - Waste management in West Africa

Market information for companies

Development cooperation with | EN

Find business opportunities and projects of development cooperation.

What it takes to be an inclusive business

An interview with Christian Jahn of the Inclusive Business Action Network (iBAN)

InfoDesk Ukraine and Eastern Partnership by the Agency for Business & Economic Development

Discover support for companies in the Ukraine and East Europe

The Day of the Strategic Partnership Technology in Africa (SPTA)

Leapfrogging in Africa

East Africa: Market & Economy | EN

Market information for companies who would like to venture into East Africa

New partnership with Business Network in Moldova (ODIMM) is proud to announce a new partnership with ODIMM in Moldova!

Diversity and Inclusion - Insights from GIZ and Implications for Businesses and Public Administration

Tipps on how to improve diversity and inclusion in your company

Showcase – finalists of the trade fair pitch present their products virtually

India: Market & Economy | EN

Market information for companies

Virtual Launch of “Female Shift“– A mentoring programme for female entrepreneurs

Promoting the export of organic products into the European market

Innovations from Southern Africa - Virtual Trade Fair Pitch of the Business Scouts for Development programme

At a glance…Rwanda!

Market information for companies

News Roundup - Mobility Sector

Our monthly roundup of news from the world of mobility

Akwaaba – Welcome to the Virtual Trade Fair Pitch Ghana

Promoting local tourism in developing and emerging countries through digital approaches

Matchmaking in the mobility sector

Does your company operate in the mobility sector?

Namibia: Market & Economy | EN

Market information for companies

Cambodian Companies on their way to European Trade Fairs

Innovative companies from Cambodia present their products

Innovative Ideas from West Africa - Virtual Trade Fair Pitch of the Business Scouts for Development

West and Central African companies present their products

Launch of the Business Scouts for Development on

New subpage on with advisory services offered by the Business Scouts

Vamos al Messe-Pitch: Virtual trade fair event in Bolivia

Virtual trade fair pitch offers opportunity for companies from Bolivia

At a glance - Cambodia!

Market information for companies

Business Scouts for Development: Trade Fair Pitch in Eastern Africa

The first companies participated successfully in the virtual trade fair pitch

Kenya: Economy & Industry at a glance |

Virtual trade fair pitch: The path to an optimal trade fair presence

The virtual trade fair pitch offers companies the chance of trade fair promotion

Detecting counterfeit medicines | EN

The introduction of a technology to detect fake medicines in Côte d'Ivoire

Launch of Global Integrity Campaign

“What would you do?”

Strengthening Integrity with TheIntegrityApp

A digital tool for the self-assessment of compliance programmes

Green Technology on

New business opportunities on

News Roundup - Sustainability X Global Business

Our monthly roundup of news from the world of business and sustainability

News Roundup - Sustainability X Global Business

Our monthly roundup of news from the world of business and sustainability

Secrets of intercultural competence

An expert interview with tips to create successful global cooperations

Sustainable Supply Chains

New business opportunities on

Celebrating #DayOfTheGirl 2020 with

How development projects and companies can strengthen prospects of girls

"Companies know where the future lies"

Interview with Andrea Donath on sustainable supply chains

Joint forces to leverage innovation

How development advisors accompany matchmaking through

Why start-ups and SMEs trust for international business development

Water, Waste Water, Recycling Sector – New business opportunities on

Support development projects with German Development Corporation in 11 countries

Twice as many matches on since March

Companies from all sectors find business opportunities on

#BusinessVsCovid19: An initiative to overcome the crisis | DE

Launch of Covid19 matching initiative

Creating a great remote teamworking experience

A human centric approach

Kosovo and North Macedonia: Market, Economy, Potentials | EN

A trip to the dynamic markets of Kosovo and North-Macedonia

Import Promotion Desk partners with

Easier export-import opportunities to German and European markets

New ways for new imports connects Dutch Start-up to local producers

German company supports Namibian crafts | EN brings Namibian craftsmanship to Germany has launched a special call supporting companies in Ukraine and Moldova, as well as civil society organisations in Germany. Find out more on the special pages.