Innovation made in Africa: Successful Health Innovation Africa pitch event brings SMEs from Africa together with the European health system

Companies from African countries contribute significantly to the sustainable development of their societies with their innovations. These innovations and business models can also be effective solutions to challenges in Europe.

Health Innovation Africa (HIA) is a GIZ format that supports African companies from the health sector in successfully marketing their innovations and products in Germany and Europe together with local partner companies. The relevance of the health sector could not be clearer at the moment: The COVID-19 pandemic has led to many challenges as a global crisis. The innovations of the African companies can contribute to solving these. The selected SMEs will receive training (on Atingi) as well as individual coaching, a presence on the matchmaking platform and will be supported on their way to Europe. In addition, interesting events are shared with the companies.

Opening up sales markets in Europe strengthens the economic viability of the local companies, creates new jobs and contributes to a more progressive and thus realistic image of the African continent. Health Innovation Africa thus supports the German government's goals of strengthening the health sector in partner countries and increases the innovative power of African SMEs and European companies alike.

Eight of these innovators were selected to become part of HIA. They are made up of dedicated teams from South Africa, Namibia, Kenya, Zambia and Ghana. They all serve different niches in the health sector with digital as well as physical products and were selected for their proven solutions (for more info, see our partnerpage).

At the Health Innovation Africa Pitch Event on 03.11.2022, a total of 40 participants were present. Each HIA member presented their respective company, their objective and needs for partnership and how acute problems in the health sector could be solved through their respective approach.

As a result, Shonaquip impressed our audience the most! The remaining three places were awarded to Ohospital and Medical Diagnostech and Medsearch Zambia. All participants will receive various forms of support to attend the German African Business Summit (GABS) on 6/12/2022.

What's next for HIA? Next week, the companies will participate in a webinar on EU health regulations. Some are already in contact with Business Scouts for this. We are looking forward to seeing where the journey takes us and will update you after the GABS.

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