Import Promotion Desk partners with

Searching export-import opportunities to German and European markets becomes easier for businesses recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Import Promotion Desk (IPD) Germany to further our collaboration in the fields of international trade and projects in developing countries.

What does this mean for businesses?

This translates to more sourcing calls for suppliers to European markets on helps companies search for high demand products in European markets such as tropical fruits, herbs and spices, natural ingredients for foodstuffs, plant extracts, oils for cosmetics and pharmacies for example.

What does the Import Promotion Desk (IPD) do?

The Import Promotion Desk (IPD) promotes export trade in developing and threshold countries while simultaneously supporting European importers in their search for alternative source markets. (Source:

How exactly can companies benefit?

IPD offers training and workshops for producers in emerging markets and developing countries to prepare them for the EU market, informing them of the requirements expected in terms of the regulations, quality standards, and certifications they must meet in order to import products to Germany and Europe. IPD then brings exporters to trade fairs at which they present their products to European trade. In the context of trade fairs and procurement trips to the partner countries, the IPD arranges direct contact between suppliers and producers.

As Dr. Julia Hoffmann - Head of IPD explains - “The goal of IPD is to integrate developing countries more effectively into global trade, and to make a substantial contribution towards sustainable economic development in these countries”

How does this collaboration make sense for

The goal of is to help companies access new markets. Apart from directly filling gaps in know-how, training and technology, hopes to support businesses in accessing trade opportunities in German and European markets in the future. This would have a sustainable impact as suppliers of high demand products increase the value of their produce while learning to meet the highly regulated quality standards of European markets.

What does this mean for both IPD and

  1. We exchange valuable market information which can be presented to businesses looking for opportunities to tap into
  2. supports IPD in helping suppliers to access a larger pool of companies who are interested in international trade and supply.
  3. Exporters from the partner countries benefit from the expertise of IPD by being prepared for export to Europe and by making contact with suitable importers in Europe.

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