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On you can find opportunities for cooperation with Ukrainian companies that benefit both sides

The war in Ukraine is forcing millions of people to flee and many Ukrainian companies have lost sales markets or are working under more difficult conditions. In order to support especially small and medium-sized enterprises - and thus also the people on the ground - we have set up a separate area on where interested companies from the EU have the opportunity to enter into business relationships with Ukrainian companies and thus provide assistance that benefits both sides. A variety of different business opportunities are offered here, from trade in products (import/export) to technology transfer or services - from a wide range of sectors and in different sizes.

By intensifying economic and business relations between the EU and Ukraine, companies can not only provide immediate assistance and alleviate the effects of the war for the people in the country, but are laying a foundation now for a rapid subsequent reconstruction of the country and an expansion of cooperation. They benefit directly from the high-quality products and services and the know-how of the well-trained Ukrainian workforce, while at the same time contributing to the achievement of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by the Member States of the United Nations through the 2030 Agenda to promote sustainable development around the world and combat the consequences of war and poverty.

Companies from the EU that are interested in entering into a business relationship with Ukrainian companies are supported and accompanied throughout the process by experts from development cooperation in Germany and Ukraine. The aim is to ensure that market access takes place without delays or obstacles, that the stability of the supply chains is guaranteed and that nothing stands in the way of a successful business deal. In addition, all applications published on are reviewed and approved by our local partner, the Union of Ukrainian Entrepreneurs (SUP).

Support Ukrainian businesses to sustain the local economy.

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