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Our monthly roundup of news from the world of business and sustainability

We are here to fill you in on the latest news from the world of global businesses taking steps towards sustainability. Keep on reading to know what are the latest innovations, upcoming public policies, thought articles and events, and happenings.

Thoughts from leaders

Leading product development with sustainability in mind

When the competitive landscape evolves, companies need to evolve too. As millennials become important consumer groups, innovators, products and business leaders need to also consider what is important for them such as minimalism, sustainable consumption, etc. So how can product leaders make sure that sustainability becomes a part of the process from the very beginning of the conceptualization of products and services? Read more

Latest Sustainability Innovations

Sustainable packaging for bicycles

While cycling can be viewed as one of the greenest modes of transportation, it is an industry where packaging practices leave much to be desired in terms of sustainability. Read on to know the latest innovations in sustainable packaging.

A platform that helps farmer-to-farmer connections
Built on AWS, Wefarm is a platform that connects farmers with other farmers, helping each other solve agricultural problems via the cloud. The farmer-to-farmer digital network connects farmers' questions and answers both online and through SMS. Read on to know more about the success of their pilot programs.

Upcycled coffee products
Kaffe Bueno´s circular business model has yielded three products that are currently on the market: Kaffe Bueno Oil (a lipid used in personal care and food products); Kafflour (a gluten-free fibre and protein-rich functional flour); and Kaffibre (an upcycled natural exfoliant for cosmetics). Read on to find how the team is utilizing the coffee to create upcycled products.

New Circular Initiative launch
FINAT, a European self-adhesive labeling industry association, has announced the launch of ‘CELAB-Europe’, a new initiative designed with the purpose of creating a circular economy for self-adhesive label materials in Europe. Read to know more.

Global Action and Policy

Policy to protect the environment and human rights in global supply chains
Germany is now considering supply chain legislation that would require businesses to take effective action and ensure greater transparency. Read to know more

Deglobalization and impact on EU-Africa supply chain relations
This opinion piece talks about the impact of the Deglobalisation of supply chains on EU-Africa business relations. Read to know more

Events and Happenings

Climathon - Impact Hub Hamburg
Climathon is an ideasprint for urban climate innovations. Impact Hub Germany is organizing a 'Climathon Germany' as an opportunity to join forces in Germany and to promote collective action and inventiveness. Read to know more

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