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On, you will find interesting calls for proposals and contracts in the area of German development cooperation.

Find calls for proposals and contracts on - A how-to: is the networking platform of German development cooperation that brings together potential partners from developing and emerging countries and European companies as well as civil society and scientific organizations. It concerns both the awarding of concrete contracts by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) and the establishment of private sector partnerships or public-private partnerships (PPPs). The aim is to give European partners access to new markets or lucrative projects while at the same time enabling sustainable development in the target countries. Matchmaking-Platform and online tender portal

In many countries, GIZ brokers local and international business relationships directly: At, you can find suitable orders or partners with just a few clicks - filtered by industry, country/region or type of cooperation (e.g. consulting, joint venture, import/export of products, etc.).

Often, however, financial resources are available within the framework of development cooperation in order to promote certain technologies, industries or know-how in developing countries. In such cases, suitable partners are selected through tendering and award procedures. These are referred to on, among other places.

Tenders briefly explained:

Tenders issued by the public sector are intended to ensure the transparent and fair award of contracts by the state and at the same time achieve an optimal cost-benefit ratio. A "public tender", as is often used at GIZ, is a common national procedure for awarding contracts. It is equivalent to the "open procedure" in EU-wide tenders (above a certain contract volume). In this type of tender, the contracting authority publicly invites an unlimited number of companies to submit bids. Any interested company can submit a bid. The suitability is thus checked with evaluation of the offers. The contract is awarded to the bid that best meets the predefined evaluation criteria (usually a mix of technical suitability, quality of concept and budgeted costs).

Another type of tender is the "restricted invitation to tender after a competitive bidding process" (EU: "restricted procedure"). Here, the technical suitability of the bidders is first checked within the framework of a tendering competition. In a second step, a predefined number of bidders is invited to submit a bid. The further steps for awarding the contract are then carried out in the same way as in the public invitation to tender.

Other award procedures are the "negotiated procedure" or the "direct award". Both are less formal than the former and are only permitted for contracts below a certain threshold. Which type of tender is chosen is to a certain extent at the discretion of the contracting authority, but also depends on the total value of the contract volumes.

Contract award: Function follows form

Companies interested in applying for one of the numerous contracts advertised by GIZ on should note the following:

  • In addition to technical expertise, it is essential to comply with the formal criteria and requirements of the tender. Failure to do so may result in exclusion from the process. Therefore, read the tender documents carefully and pay attention to the necessary documents and deadlines.
  • Many award procedures take place exclusively electronically/digitally. Allow time to familiarize yourself with the functions and processes of the relevant procurement portal.

Here you will find all market investigations and tenders published on

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