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Our monthly roundup of news from the world of mobility

With the demand for mobility growing significantly within the coming years, the call for carbon neutral innovations and sustainable technologies is becoming louder. As in many fields, innovations are key to addressing global mobility challenges and accelerating the transition towards sustainable development in mobility around the world. To stay on top of the mobility industry, we are sharing the latest news, trends and updates around the topic in this month’s news roundup. We also made sure to collect a list of upcoming events and happenings that might be of interest to you.

Thoughts from leaders

“We are on the path to a future that will be smarter in so many ways: smart mobility, smart charging, smart grid, and smart integration. We will continue working on further exchange formats and events to drive the momentum towards this striving new industry with its enormous potential for green jobs, inclusive economic growth and social development.” - Rolf Huber, Managing Director of Siemens Stiftung

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Latest mobility innovations

Five future mobility innovations you need to know about

In our globalized world new trends and innovations are emerging at a rapid pace. Check out the latest trends in e-mobility that will help reaching global net-zero emission targets.

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Mobility Innovation Map: Everything on emerging technologies & Startups

Find out more about emerging technologies and how companies seize the digital transformation in the mobility industry as a complementary business model.


Global Action and Policy

Global Roadmap of Action Toward Sustainable Mobility (GRA) | Sum4all

How can a country achieve sustainable mobility? The Global Roadmap of Action Toward Sustainable Mobility is a comprehensive policy framework to assist decision makers in cities and countries as well as practitioners at development banks to identify the most relevant and impactful policy measures to achieve sustainable mobility. Read more:

The EU Council is working on proposals for EU legislation and other initiatives which define a sustainable path for European mobility. Read more here: Clean and sustainable mobility for a climate neutral EU - Consilium (

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Upcoming Events and Happenings

October 11th, Hamburg

The ITS World Congress is the biggest event focused on smart mobility and the digitalisation of transport. Welcome to ITS World Congress -

October 26th –28th virtual event, London, UK

Check out Reuters Events Mobility, which is built upon three core themes: Digitalization, Sustainability and the Smart City. Connecting the leading federal, state city and transit leadership with the C-Suite in transit and mobility from largest technology, infrastructure, OEM and energy companies on the planet. Reuters Events: Mobility 2021 · October 26 - 28, 2021

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