Green Technology on is looking for companies who can support German development cooperation projects in the field of green technology. If your company fosters green technology solutions, then we invite you to explore relevant business opportunities on

A fresh wave of technological innovation is deepening our understanding of tough environmental challenges — and also giving us new ways to solve them." World Economic Forum, Fred Krupp, 2018

Green technology (GreenTech) is the trending buzzword across various industries. In a wider sense, GreenTech refers to technological solutions that are environmentally friendly and sustainable in the long-term. GreenTech has received a significant amount of attention due to the rising alertness about the consequences of the changing climate and the scarcity of natural resources. Since innovative technologies are at the heart of sustainable development across the globe, is looking for businesses with a GreenTech focus. #dobusiness #dogood

Does your business provide GreenTech solutions? Are you looking to expand your business in emerging and developing economies? Then we would love to bring your attention to 32 high-potential GreenTech business opportunities in developing and emerging markets.

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Through, companies gain direct and transparent access to business opportunities in developing and emerging economies. The platform connects innovative capacity and know-how with the longstanding on the ground experience of development cooperation. is a free-to-use platform by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH commissioned by the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development. By covering a broad range of topics and approaches, it supports the German government in achieving sustainable development in its partner countries worldwide.

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GIZ experts live and work in our partner countries. As on-site experts they can provide you with the necessary information about local market conditions. You will receive support and guidance on for example, legal, political or social issues and will be matched with local stakeholders. To find out more about how can support your business, read our success stories here.

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Visit for all current business opportunities in the field of green technology and other sectors. Currently there are 180 business opportunities from 53 countries online. Have a look and register!

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