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The addition of renewable capacities faced significant disruptions in 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Many of these projects are expected to become active in 2021. As a result, 2021 is forecast to almost reach the same levels of capacity additions as 2019 (International Energy Agency). Keeping this positive outlook in context this month's news roundup will focus on the greentech and cleantech industry. We are sharing the latest news and updates from leaders, businesses, global action and policies from this rapidly growing sector. Last but not least, we have collected a list of upcoming events and happenings that might be interesting for you. Read this latest version of our news roundup for more updates:

Thoughts from leaders

The future of plastic packaging

A comment by Pawel Kornacki of Supravis SA, a leading plastics company on the future of plastic packaging. Plastic is crammed into landfills and the environment is being polluted with waste. Therefore, it is highly relevant to rethink our waste management systems. Read more to find out about the future of plastic packaging.

(Picture Rights © Packagingeurope, 2020)

Latest sustainability innovations

Europe’s biggest truck-makers agree to phase out Diesel by 2040

In a potentially game-changing move, seven of Europe’s largest truck manufacturers – Daimler, Scania, Man, Volvo, Daf, Iveco, and Ford – have signed a pledge to phase out traditional combustion engines by 2040, focusing instead on hydrogen, battery technology, and clean fuels.

(Picture Rights © Financial Times, 2020)

Funding for Internet of Trees

IoTree – How Internet of Things (IoT) can contribute to protecting our forests and in turn our climate. Read more to find out how solar powered sensors and artificial intelligence can prevent disastrous wildfires from breaking out.

(Picture Rights © Envirotec, 2020)

ProAmpac announces Industry Breakthrough recycle ready retort Pouches

Flexible packaging leader ProAmpac has announced a major breakthrough regarding recyclable packaging. Read more about the company’s patent-pending innovation for both pet and human food packaging.

(Picture Rights © Business Wire, 2020)

Global Action and policy
The progress of Lithium-ion battery recycling in North America and Europe

Of the 180 ,000 metric tons of Li-ion batteries available for recycling worldwide in 2019, just a little over half were recycled. As lithium-ion battery production soars, so does interest in recycling. Canadian firm Li-Cycle will begin constructing a US $175 million plant in Rochester, N.Y., on the grounds of what used to be the Eastman Kodak complex. When completed, it will be the largest lithium-ion battery-recycling plant in North America. Read more...

(Picture Rights © IEEE Spectrum, 2020)

The Europeans building Musk´s hyperloop vision

This in-depth article looks at the evolution of the hyperloop technology, the progress made by various companies and the governments in Europe and US. It also looks at the challenges faced due to lack of funding.

(Picture Rights © Sifted, 2020)

Prague to pilot large-scale, dynamic waste collection
The project co-funded by the Horizon 2020 of the European Innovation Council, Prague will pilot waste collection via automatic routes powered by sensors from Sensoneo.

(Picture Rights © Recycling Magazine, 2020)

Upcoming Events and Happenings

Greentech Festival
The event brings together start-ups and corporations, environmental activists and politicians, researchers and CEOs from the greentech domain and takes a glance into the green future. Join the Greentech Festival on 16th-18th of June 2021!

(Picture Rights © GreenTech Festival, 2020)

Solar Finance and Investment Europe
Join this year's event (3rd-4th of Feburary 2021!) from Solar Finance and Investments Europe where 400+ attendees, 70+ speakers and multiple presentations are brought together under the topic of energy financing.

(Picture Rights © Finance Europe, 2020)

Funding and Investment

Funding call for STEP program

The Faraday institution along with the Cambridge Cleantech, will be offering an Interreg North West Europe STEPS program to support 40 SMEs through a competitive product enhancement voucher program valued at 12.500€ each. Additionally, 20 companies will receive support worth 50.000€ each to demonstrate their technology in regional test locations. Applications for SMEs are open from the 11th of January until the 1st of Feburary 2021.

(Picture Rights © Business Innovation Magazine, 2020)

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