#SmartDevelopmentHack - Call for digital solutions for developing countries

German Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) is looking for innovative digital solutions in Africa, Asia and
Latin America in all areas of development cooperation.

This is a call for innovators to upload their digital solutions!

You can also make a partnership suggestion and become an implementation partner. Solution providers will then be matched with implementation partners for the two-day hackathon (May 14th – 15th).
Explore our challenges and submit your innovative digital solution by April 27th (midnight).

For more information check out the -
Official Hackathon Website
Solution submission page
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The BMZ #SmartDevelopmentHack

The corona shock has placed a heavy burden on developing countries causing enormous social and economic consequences. With #SmartDevelopmentHack the German Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) is calling for innovative digital solutions to tackle the challenges caused by the coronavirus outbreak in low- and middle-income countries. Under the patronage of the BMZ together with “Team Europe” partners from the EU Commission, other EU member states, tech-companies and civil society, we are launching the global hackathon #SmartDevelopmentHack as part of the upcoming German Council Presidency. The “Call for Solutions” is open now!

We are looking for innovative digital solutions in Africa, Asia and Latin America in all areas of development cooperation. We call for innovators to upload their digital solutions!

The #SmartDevelopmentHack gives these ideas a global relevance through the huge network of German development corporation in countries around the world. The hackathon is supported by the EU Commission and -
  • Major tech companies
  • Networks in the partner countries
  • NGOs and social tech companies
  • Startup communities
  • Scientific universities

The goal of the hackathon :

Our goal is to build on existing digital solutions and to refine and scale them with partners – across countries and sectors. The Hackathon is intended to adapt proven solutions locally and to promote innovations that provide digital help directly. In a two-day workshop, mixed teams of solution providers and implementation partners will work together creatively. The best solutions will be awarded by a jury and promoted sustainably

The challenges

Following the five goals of the BMZ digital strategy are building on five smart development approaches to cope with the corona pandemic.

    The COVID-19 pandemic is taking its toll on industries and economies worldwide. Sustainable economic development and decent employment need to be safeguarded. We are looking for digital technologies that serve as a catalyst in the context of the corona crisis.

    We are seeking to find and connect local digital innovators around the world. The promotion of digital solutions with local impact and the promotion of ecosystems can help to better counter the local
    consequences of the pandemic.

    The corona pandemic puts disadvantaged groups at risk of further marginalization. As classrooms remain closed, we look for digital learning formats that can ensure continuity of education. Concepts that bridge the digital divide and ensure equal access to education and healthcare are key.

    Information systems are central in the crisis: Citizens and decision-makers need immediate and reliable information for a
    coordinated response. We are promoting digital solutions in our partner countries to help build information systems for informing citizens as well as monitoring of human rights.

    Digital data provides critical information to predict pandemic trends and how to better plan and organize the healthcare efforts during the corona pandemic. We want to empower health services and policy-makers to make better, data-based decisions.

This article is a re-publishing of the original call for applications on the official hackathon website.

Get in touch with the hackathon team: smartdevelopmenthack@giz.de
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