International services for environmental tech in India

Part 1: How companies, associations and public actors improve decentralized waste management in India.

Due to its large and ever-growing population, India is soon to become the world’s number one waste contributor. The local governments are already reacting by obliging all waste generators – from an individual to a corporate level – to separate their litter and by imposing a strict ban on plastic bags.

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Even though the waste management industry continues to face various challenges, more and more solutions are being developed, ranging from biogas production out of waste to innovative recycling technologies and app-based applications using blockchain to incentivise collection and recycling efforts.Dr Vanesa Rodriguez, technical advisor to the global project “Support of the Export Initiative for Green Technologies”, pushes for technology transfer to support the transition towards a more circular economy, for example in the area of waste management (separation, treatment, recycling processes, training, and capacity development). As part of her work, she encourages the identification of innovative technological solutions and partnerships with the private sector to foster the exchange of experiences, implement pilot projects to increase the efficient use of resources and to protect the environment. On, Vanesa scouted for companies, chambers, and associations interested in encouraging decentralized waste management in Indian cities. Through the platform, she connected with start-ups and technology providers in the waste management and recycling industry. By facilitating knowledge transfer, these start-ups and technology providers serve as partners for advancing waste management standards worldwide.

Once companies had discovered Vanesa’s business opportunity, they registered on and sent her a short enquiry. After an initial screening and matching process, details were outlined in several productive calls. Like this, the project soon started out on a fruitful collaborative journey. One of the most promising contacts was ECOLOGICON GmbH, member of the German RETech Partnership and consultancy services provider for developing technically and financially viable solutions for decentralized waste management systems. ECOLOGICON GmbH was considered as participant in a tender for consultancy services for a rapid assessment on technical and administrative aspects as well as potential technological solutions in the area of decentralized waste management in India. Through the services of one international solid waste management expert and three national experts, ECOLOGICON GmbH won the tender and was contracted for implementing the project in three selected Indian cities.

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To support commissioning services like these or other forms of cooperation, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH maintains excellent relations with local and national administrations. “This provides companies with the chance to test a proof of concept. If their business model is successful, they can scale it up and finance it on their own”, explains Mr. Markus Luecke, project manager at GIZ, “It is useful to have direct access to local authorities in India. We support companies by creating regulatory frameworks and connecting them with the private and public sector.”

Are you interested in finding out how their collaboration evolves? Stay tuned to learn more about the progress of the ongoing project implementation in the second part of this series.


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