Efficient Partner Search for Companies in Times of Covid-19

Parliamentary State Secretary Norbert Barthle on #BusinessVsCovid19

The current corona pandemic poses enormous challenges for Europe and the global economy. Companies around the world are affected by the crisis, particularly those that depend on global supply chains. Supply bottlenecks already exist and aggravate each day. The virus only just began to spread in developing and emerging countries, but serious economic consequences are already looming. Africa exports 80 percent of its goods to countries outside the African continent, be it flowers from Kenya or Ethiopia or textiles from Ethiopia, Ghana or Lesotho and much more. We as German Development Cooperation are working at full capacity to help mitigate these anticipated economic effects.

A very concrete approach to this is the matchmaking platform leverist.de. It offers companies worldwide the opportunity to react quickly and effectively to the global challenge and helps them to find partners for crisis-related needs. As a direct response to the corona crisis, we launched a page dedicated to Covid19 on leverist.de. On the Covid19 page, our development experts based in German chambers and associations and in our partner countries now support you in identifying concrete needs and solutions to, for example, restore interrupted supply chains.

We are already connecting more than 300 companies with more than 100 concrete business opportunities in 26 developing and emerging countries on leverist.de and connect them with our experts on site. Give it a try.

Yours sincerely,

Norbert Barthle
Parliamentary State Secretary to the Federal Minister for Economic Cooperation and Development

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leverist.de has launched a special call supporting companies in Ukraine and Moldova, as well as civil society organisations in Germany. Find out more on the special pages.